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Procurement specialists ‘made of pallet and packaging wood’

Connec3 Netherlands 

The vibrant center of our operations and the beating heart of our organization. 

From our headquarters, we direct the overall leadership, supported by our dedicated back office and financial administration teams. We coordinate not only the commercial activities for various surrounding countries but also manage a (major) part of our purchasing activities. 

Our location in the Netherlands enables us to operate effectively both locally and internationally, using the country’s rich trading and timber tradition to excel in the timber industry. With deeply rooted expertise and a dedicated innovative approach, Gert, Tom, Wim, Marianne, and Rob, with additional back office support from Victoria and Tatyana, strive to provide our customers and partners with the best service and quality products. 

Connec3 Ukraine 

Ukraine ranks among the top European countries in terms of forest area and timber production. 

With our dynamic team in Ukraine, where resilience and expertise go hand in hand, we maintain an office in Northwest Ukraine. 

Since 2015, we have been active in this region, initially from our office in Belarus, but since 2020 we are proud of our local presence in Ukraine. 

Despite the challenges these times bring, our young and energetic team, consisting of Andrey, Anna, Bohdan with the support of Victoria, scours the market daily. We are continuously searching for the best timber and logistical sources so that, in cooperation with our fixed suppliers, we can guarantee our customers continuity and quality. 


Connec3 Latvia 

At Connec3 Latvia, a proud expansion of Connec3 as of May 1, 2024, we have expanded our activities with a skilled team in Latvia. Led by Jānis Glušaks along with Linda Vecziemele and Krišjānis Melnis, supported by both our existing network and the strong local and international connections of team Latvia, we have positioned ourselves to significantly increase our international reach. 

From our Latvian base, alongside to our Dutch and Ukrainian offices, we strengthen our purchasing and logistical operations on the eastern side of Europe with optimal customer service and efficient logistical solutions. 

Strategic Growth and Innovation 

With this, we emphasize the growing importance of logistics and strategic positioning within the sector. “In a time when the dynamics of the timber industry are changing rapidly, it is crucial that we adapt and innovate. Our operations in Latvia enable us to extend our influence and efficiency alongside our partnerships with Greenblocks, Coinalde, and our unique sawmill sources.” (Local) ‘Presence’ is an essential part of our vision. Together, these offices form a strong network that provides a solid basis for our operations throughout Europe. 

People Make the Difference 

At Connec3, we strongly believe that success in our industry is primarily driven by people. Our team is not only experienced but also has a deep connection to the timber industry. This knowledge and the trust that stems from it form the solid foundation on which we build. We are committed to maintaining this strength while adapting to the evolving needs of our customers and the market. 

Ready for the Future 

At Connec3, we are committed to delivering outstanding quality and service. We invite you to contact us and discover more about how we can support your purchasing and logistical needs with our extensive expertise and innovative approaches. 

For questions about our products and services feel free to contact us!

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