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Besides focusing entirely on your demands and fulfilling them, we can go that extra step for you. We can take care of all, or part of your procurement for you.

‘Taking care of your procurement'? What does it mean?

As a specialist, you’re really valued by your customers. You have the right answer to their questions relating to your business, and offer them the right solution. This isn’t only because you’ve been doing this day in and day out for many years, but also because you’ve become fully specialised in this area.

Connec3 has specialised in sourcing pallet and packaging wood, nails, sheet material and pallet blocks. Connec3’s experienced team has been scouring the market for decades in search of the right timber sources.

We draw on our extensive network for your enquiries and, where necessary, search even further. We can also use this specialism for all or part of your package, as your external procurement organisation. Using a structured approach, we not only continuously monitor how to position the procurement package in question, but connect our suppliers directly to you. Where possible, we try to remove ourselves from the process between you and the supplier, and you receive invoices directly from the supplier. As such, we work as your procurement organisation in the market. If you’d like to receive more information regarding this ‘lean procurement methodology’, we would be happy to come and discuss the possibilities with you, free of obligation.


Did you know that Connec3 is a sister company of Woodvar? Woodvar is a wood specialist in construction and garden timber in the broadest possible sense. For most involved the sawmill industry, pallet wood is a by-product. The industry mainly focuses on heartwood (construction and garden timber). Together, they are a recognised and popular partnership for suppliers, due to their complementary procurement package.

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