The wooden pallet and packaging market is imposing increasingly stringent requirements on quality and environment.  Through its business activities, Connec3 is committed to a sustainable society. As a result of its negative ecological, social and economic consequences, illegal logging and trade in illegal wood must be opposed and prevented. This means that Connec3 makes every possible effort to meet the package of inspection and certification requirements demanded by both customers and the industry.

For example, the products traded by Connec3 meet the latest requirements of the “European Timber Regulation”, PEFC and FSC requirements, and if requested, ISPM 15 regulations (HT treatment).

In addition, Connec3 is committed to promoting circularity, it’s partnership with GreenBlocks being an example of this. Despite the fact that this more than meets the environmental and certification requirements expected socially of a company like as Connec3, we will intensively expand this policy in the near future. Connec3 also continues to monitor all suppliers, to ensure that they too meet the latest requirements.


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