Connec3 is a specialist in the pallet wood market. In this increasingly professionalised market, in which every cent counts, Connec3 offers you the option to keep every bit of your independence but still take advantage of our purchasing advantages the volume of our purchasing offers. Connec3 stands for combining purchasing power and looking for the right connections between the supplier and woodworking parties.


Connec3 was set up by and for the pallet-producing industry. The very first participants were the independent production companies Lapack- en Dongen pallets. Connec3 administers their combined purchasing package, so the participants not only represent a larger purchasing package on the market but are also guaranteed to get their raw materials at current market prices. This takes the purchasing side completely off these companies' hands. In addition, they get market information first-hand from purchasing specialists of Connec3. The Connec3 system is designed to pass on the purchasing advantages directly to the participants every time. The number of participants will grow steadily. What makes Connec3 uniquely effective is the balanced combination of participants and suppliers.

Project support

Connec3 can also help with your project-based or repeating purchasing issues (for example, a set portion of your purchasing package). You can also place your package with us temporarily, or source just a portion of your package with us. 

Pallet wood deals

Along with the fixed purchasing package, the Connec3 package will also include special offers. Because Connec3 does not wish to limit its purchasing policy to the current order portfolio, the team will proactively approach its contacts on a regular basis. If you are interested in batches of wood on the market, Connec3 would be delighted to keep you informed of these opportunities. 

Please contact us if you’re interested in (one of) these concepts.