Purchasing specialist for pallet and packaging timber

Purchasing specialist for pallet wood

Because Connec3 has been set up by and for the pallet producing industry, we know the market better than anyone. To increase the influence of the pallet and production companies, Connec3 will engage the market as a purchasing specialist to guarantee quality, delivery reliability, good price and continuity with combined purchasing volume. Connec3 uses its existing, extensive network in the sawmill industry in Germany, Eastern Europe, Russia, Scandinavia and elsewhere, and keeps close tabs on wood markets overseas. So you can always be sure you are getting the right choice!

Personal and engaged

Connec3 works with you and takes the work off your hands. Thanks to our years of experience in the pallet wood industry, we know the market through and through.

Managing Director Rob Driessen has been a senior purchasing manager in the pallet industry for over a decade before he started his company Connec3. He knows this network right down to the nuts and bolts. Tom Lagerweij, purchaser/responsible for the Back-Office of Connec3, started his career in the pallet industry at FHG/Pooling Partners-Satim in 2007. Gert van Beek is as Senior Commercial Manager responsible for the field work in sales and purchasing (timber, nails). He started his pallet- and packaging career also in 2007 at FHG/Pooling Partners-Satim. Frank van Gerven is responsible for all administrative matters and supports his commercial colleagues from the back-office with his over 20 years administrative experience. Besides the Dutch office Connec3 has a dedicated purchasing team of Eastern European colleagues which take care of all local matters. Together, they form the backbone of Connec3. The Connec3 team is working with its participants and clientele to not only reduce costs but to structure and guarantee the purchasing package as efficiently as possible (TCO). We work as a reinforcing factor between you and your supplier - an intensive connection between three parties. That’s Connec3!

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